Prague Gate Diorama

Kazperstan Personal

I stumbled across this gate in Prague a few years ago and finally decided to make a small diorama out of it! Textured using substance designer/painter and rendered in Toolbag 3

Great Western Railway

Kazperstan Personal

Great Western Railway steam train with a little bit of a Punisher twist! I thought it would be nice to create a little scene based around the Great Western locomotives as my dad has always loved them and we visited the Severn valley a lot when I was a child.  Later on I re-textured the train with a bit of …

Substance Textures

Kazperstan Personal

A collection of personal textures made in Substance Designer. I also havesome Free Substance Tutorials available that I hope you find useful for making some of these! I had a lot of fun making these in my spare time! Especially the Muddy Walk one, which was created to help test the Alpha Version of Marmosets Toolbag 3.

Throne Room

Kazperstan competition, Personal

This was created as an entry into Polycount and Allegorithmic’s throne room challenge. Work in Progress Thread

Bristol Bulldog

Kazperstan Personal

Bristol Bulldog was a personal project from 2015. It was created using Quixel Suite, Knald and maya then rendered in Marmosets Toolbag 2. This project has featured in numerous places such as: Featured in Issue 78 of 3D artist GDC 2015 Marmoset Toolbag 2 Artist Showcase Bristol Bulldog Featured on Polycount Recap – 35 and Recap 30 in 2015 Bristol Bulldog Featured …

The Shadowed Crow

Kazperstan Personal

The Shadowed Crow is a short Realtime Cinematic Rendered in Cryengine Produced at the University of Hertfordshire by: Adam Ostridge Elyse Gymer David Nicholls Karen Stanley Vick Gaza Shaun Baker With Music by Natanel Arnson My main role was to take the captains cabin from design to blockout and all the way through …