Playstation Vr Worlds

Kazperstan Professional

I started working as a junior in 2014 at Playstations first party studio in London and quickly made my way up to a Mid – Level environment artist within the first year during the creation of VR Worlds, A flagship launch title for Playstations VR headset.

I worked across the board on all five experiences in different capacities creating props, level layout, world building and bug fixing. This spanned from pre-production all the way through to gold-master. I also worked closely with the tech and tools department giving feedback and testing during the creation of our new asset and level building pipelines that came with the creation of a brand new, VR dedicated engine.

Credit goes out to all of the rest of the london studio team! Especially the art team listed below, who’s work also features in the images.

Lighting: Matt Sheppard –

Senior Env: Alberto Fernandez –

Senior Env: Cristian Leon –

Env: Sophie Wood –

Env: James Pavitt –

Env: David Nicholls –

Env: Ciaran Daly –


London Heist

I worked across all the levels from the London Heist in some capacity but my main focus was on “The Library” and “Getaway” sections. For “The Library” I was responsible for the Desk Destruction, working closely with tech and tools to develop our brand new destruction pipeline, as well making & placing the doors and windows + the rococo ornamental pieces seen in the corners of the room and on the pillars, the picture frames + optimisation and vis area set up to get the scene running in frame.

“The Getaway” I worked with our senior artists and design during the initial Alpha phase for blockout assets and placement. I again also did all the Vis area set up for optimisation.


The majority of my time on VR Worlds was spent with Scavengers! I was level owner for a large part of the first half of the game (Airlock breach to just before Entering the mega starmoth ship) and made a large majority of all the organic environment assets seen such as Rocks, asteroids and alien eggs! Scavengers was a mammoth VR project in distance and scale which required a lot of close work with Tools, Engine, Design and Environment art to hit performance and was incredibly satisfying to do so!  I took the Escape (asteroid) and Stepping Stones level from blockout all the way to Gold Master as well as chipping in on other levels to help with optimisation.

The Luge

Level owner from beta to Master gold. This involved creating Vis Area regions, optimising assets and maintaining the levels frame rate and ensuring it is bug free from an environment standpoint. Also responding to design layout change requests during user testing phase. Art wise I was Responsible for Background vistas, background Foliage and Terrain.

Various Assets

These are a selection of various bits I did over the game from materials, to props and visual development. Sadly the van never made it into the final game.